Gold Coast Cancer Care - Information for Patients

Gold Coast Cancer Care provide comprehensive care to adult patients suffering from solid organ cancers.

We have special interest on cancers affecting:

  • the gastro-intestinal system (oesophageal, stomach, pancreas, liver, bowel),
  • breast and gynaecological cancers (ovaries, uterus)
  • respiratory system (lung and pleura)
  • head and neck cancers.

General Treatment Options:

While the individual treatment options vary for each type of cancer, Dr Matos takes special care to ensure that the best options are tailored for each patient on a case-by-case basis.

A diagnosis with cancer is a devastating event for anybody. Cure and eradication of cancers is the ideal outcome.  Therefore our focus is to treat cancers in a team environment including; medical oncologist, surgeons, radiation oncologist, radiologist, and pathologist.

Maintaining or improving quality of life is of the outmost importance for patients undergoing curative or palliative treatments. Minimising side effects from treatments is also important to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual. 

Dr Matos chooses to provide his attention on the following treatment types.

  • Chemotherapy; medications that given orally or intravenously attack the cancer cells.
  • Hormonal Therapy, many cancers are driven by hormones. Hormonal blockade can be an efficient way to control cancers.
  • Targeted Therapy; many genetic mutations or abnormal pathways that induce cancer cells growth and spreading can be specifically targeted improving cancer control.
  • Immunotherapy; a rapidly growing area of interest. Stimulating our own immune systems to fight cancer growths.

These links are provided for you to access more information on the each of the relevant websites available from our cancer resources page.

While undergoing curative or palliative treatment for cancer, symptoms control and supportive therapies make a huge difference during those difficult times. We also provide

  • Pain and nausea control
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Emotional Support

We have people and programs at Allamanda Private and Pindara private Hospitals to help you in this journey.

Constant communication with your General Practitioner, community services and palliative care services are also integral parts of your care.

What you need to bring to your first appointment:

  • A referral letter.
  • Your CT scans, PET/CT scans or MRI films
  • Copies of relevant investigations including CT /PET CT /MRI scan reports, blood tests, and biopsy reports.
  • Letters outlining previous medical history.
  • A list of your current medications.
  • A list of you allergies.
  • A support person (relative or friend) is always recommended. Remember “the more ears to listen the better”. 

Suggestions on what questions to ask:

Do we have enough information to have a diagnosis and a management plan?

What is my diagnosis? What type of cancer do I have?

How aggressive is my cancer? How big is my cancer?

What is my stage / prognosis? How spread is the cancer?

Do we need do to any other tests?

Are there any genetic tests available?

Can it be operated/ removed?

What treatment options do I have?

What is chemotherapy?

What is radiation therapy?

What is hormonal therapy?

What is immunotherapy?

What treatment plan do you recommend?

How soon and for how long will I receive treatment?

What side effects should we be prepared for? How?

Do I need to change my lifestyle?

Do I need nutritional support? Do I need to change my diet?

What services are available in the community?

What will happen after I finish my treatment? Follow up protocol.

Are there people / support groups available?

How is my GP involved in my care?



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